City of Orlando Proclamation

"July 10th Sergio Julian Ramos Day"

President Jimmy Carter recognizes Sergio Ramos for his accomplishments and his outsanding business leadership in the community for almost four decades.
Buddy Dyer, Mayor City of Orlando, and Tony Ortiz, District 2 City Commissioner, proclaimed July 10, as "Sergio Julian Ramos Day". 
One of Central Florida's most distinctive collections of jewelry can be found behind the family owned jewelry store.  SFJ was established in 1980 by Sergio Ramos Sr. a Master Jewelry Designer and wife Delia Ramos. The tradition continued with son Sergio Ramos Jr. who has a BA in Design and Master's in Architecture from the University of Florida and daughter Lizabeth Ramos.  Today SFJ has expanded also manufacturing jewelry throughout the United States. More than three decades later they have continued to grow by offering outstanding service, and quality to their diverse clientele.                                                                                                                  
The Vision                                                                 

To create a business grounded in the experience of family goldsmith traditions, and enhanced by the passion for design and creativity.  The inspiration behind the creation of our jewels is rooted in our origins and our passion for creativity in every piece of jewelry we design and fabricate.


In every family, there are milestones of joy and transitions that will always be treasured.  SFJ prides themselves on providing their clientele with an unsurpassed level of service and quality.  SFJ understands that through the years, you are not just purchasing jewelry but commemorating extraordinary moments while building a library of memories to last a lifetime. 


Sergio Ramos                         









                                   Sergio and Delia Ramos, Owners                                                                                                           Sergio Sr. and  Son

Jimmy Carter